Exhibition in Galleriehaus Hof/Germany

Mr. Bernd Geibel (event organizer and street art collector)

Graffiti goes Gallery – Ausstellung April und Mai 2010

Seit Ende der 60er Jahre die ersten Jugendlichen in New York begannen, auf Wände und Züge ihren Namen zu schreiben, hat sich innerhalb kürzester Zeit Graffiti – oder allgemeiner Streetart – zu einer eigenständigen Kunst mit einer Vielzahl von Stilrichtungen entwickelt….more to read in here.

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Surf Artist Bob Langston from Virginia Beach(USA)

Bob Langston

Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia.

He’s living together with is wife and  6 children in Virginia Beach

Bob is working as a professional artist since 1985,

and graduated in 1986 with a BFA in commercial art and design.

He’s offering a wide range of arts such as film, tv and web based

animation, to caricatures, illustration,t shirt design,fine art painting

and murals.

Bob also taught drawing, graphic design and animation at a

local college for 1.5 years.

more grapics in here

Currently he’s employed full time as a graphic designer.

His freelance business includes custom surfboard painting,

creating murals for various residential and business clients,

studio caricatures, and caricatures for parties and special events.

Mural Artwork "Fantasy Beach" by Bob Langston

for more details click here.

As he’s doing surf arts, of course he loves to surf and is into a wide range of music,

from 60’s-70’s psychedelic rock, Garage punk, folk, Jazz and Classical.

Surfboard designs by Bob Langston

His surfboard graphics(done with markers) are can check them out in here.

He’s an all around talent and open minded artist who enjoys life.

In his artworks you can see his pure dedication to happy surfing life.

How to get in touch with Bob?



facebook:  The BobZone: Groovy Art

NEW canvas “Trippy Dong” (Reef Collection part2)

The Reef Collection got extended with another “asieone” lettering combined with a coral fish pattern.
please follow the link:


My buddy Jim from London puts me back on his brand new website.

After they cracked his old website he reworked on the new one and…………….click here!

His passion is not only Graffiti and Arts, he’s also diving and needs the reef as much as the surfers do.

Hopefully we can save our playgrounds around the world.

Thanks Jim

talking about Reef…

click here to see the artwork in high resolution

REEF Collection Part1 (Trigger Hippy)

This painting shows the natural beauty of a so called Triggerfish.

It’s the skin and eye of of a triggerfish in the background combined with a3D Graffiti lettering(asie one)
The Triggerfish belongs to the  the family “Balistidae” which consists of about 40 species of
often brightly colored fishes marked by lines and spots.
They can be found in tropical and subtropical oceans throughout the world, with
the greatest species richness in the Indo-Pacific.

What’s a Reef?
A reef is a rock, sandbar, or other feature lying beneath the surface of the water.
Many reefs result from abiotic processes—deposition of sand, wave erosion planning down rock outcrops,
and other natural processes—but the best-known reefs are the coral reefs of tropical waters developed
through biotic processes dominated by corals and calcareous algae.
Artificial reefs such as shipwrecks are sometimes created to enhance physical complexity on generally
featureless sand bottoms in order to attract a diverse assemblage of organisms, especially fish.

Geologists define reefs and related terms (for example, bioherm, biostrome, carbonate mound) using the
factors of depositional relief, internal structure, and biotic composition. There is no consensus on one
universally applicable definition. A useful definition distinguishes reefs from mounds as follows.
Both are considered to be varieties of organosedimentary buildups: sedimentary features,
built by the interaction of organisms and their environment, that have synoptic relief and whose biotic
composition differs from that found on and beneath the surrounding sea floor. Reefs are held up by a
macroscopic skeletal framework. Coral reefs are an excellent example of this kind.
Corals and calcareous algae grow on top of one another and form a three-dimensional framework that is
modified in various ways by other organisms and inorganic processes.
By contrast, mounds lack a macroscopic skeletal framework. Mounds are built by microorganisms or by
organisms that don’t grow a skeletal framework. A microbial mound might be built exclusively or primarily
by cyanobacteria. Excellent examples of biostromes formed by cyanobacteria occur in
the Great Salt Lake of Utah (USA), and in Shark Bay, Western Australia.(Wikipedia)

Enough the geologist talk and explanations about Reef.
Let’s talk about the main reason why we like this reef and should take care for it.
It creates waves and is a permanent obstruction that causes a wave to break,
and forms a barreling wave or other wave that can be surfed, before it eventually collapses.

Bali’s coral reefs have been severely damaged in recent years due to use of bombs and cyanide by fishermen,
excessively high water temperatures linked to global warming, and other stresses.

Let us not stress anyone and chill.Just follow simple rules in life like NOT buying all that plastic
crap, bring your own bag to the supermarket and in case you need one of Indonesias “sayang-bungkus-plastic”
then make sure, they dont give you another 300 smaller ones to pack  your shower gel (which
is actually covered in plastic anyway!?).

“Actions speak louder than words.”


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A new opportunity to show my art around and hopefully get some people barreled

while standing on a high quality print of my artworks.

For the moment there are 8 graphics from AEROSOUL available to make your surfboard something unique.

all scans and photos of the original oil paintings and more graphics will follow.

have a look around on there blog and get more info about this high quality prints they doing.

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too see my designs:


nicely done web site with a lot of arts and information.check it out!