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Hello people,
I will be online starting today and hope you all enjoy what you discover there.It took me a while to set up this site and still there is lots of space
for more art, photos, prints and other things I can paint and print on.
A bit of fine tuning on a few pages and more time for painting in the future, will make sure this site gets filled fast and especially on the photo
page I would like to add more pics of this beautiful country called Indonesia.
The sub page(surf photographie) is quite hard to fill as, if there is surf…I surf.Hard to get shots :).But I will try my best to get this done, too.
In early 2011, aerosoul.indonesia will open a store in seminyak/Bali.
Fresh clothing, prints, paintings(oil on canvas), graffiti artworks on canvas, spray cans, books, markers and lots of other good stuff for good people, you will find in there. the AEROSOUL of INDONESIA.

olli l aerosoul.indonesia


PopArtFair and aerosoul.indonesia

Pop Art Fair

Founded in april 2010, Pop Art Fair is South East Asia’s independent online retailer of Pop Art and related
products, and Pop Art Fair will be hosting a grand event in Bali and Jakarta (Indonesia) soon.

“The idea is to combine all sort of creativities in one event. POP ART with a TWIST.
It is a place where IMAGINATION comes to life and have great FUN sharing them together.”


my paintings are available soon via Pop Art Fair.

please click in here for more informations and other great artworks.  l  aerosoul.indonesia  l

YES you can find me on Facebook!

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Check out this page and if you start gettn sentimental than you know what its all about.

This is the ultimate graffiti site for me done in a brilliant old school way.

Check out the trains rolling in the station and see some of the by far coolest wholecars

ever.Zephyr, Revolt, Seen and other magic names rollin’ on the Wheels of Steel.

Follow this link please:

Indonesia and it’s upcoming graffiti scene

Indonesia’s gettn deeper into the world of graffiti.

For the related article please click in HERE.



magic moments

All photos are done with cheap cameras, no special lenses and small photoshop works.It’s all about these special moments you capture.And the best are the ones you shared together with your mates.Compensation for travelling = zero.All on your own risk but worth every single cent.
May the journey never end.

To watch the HERE and scroll down, please.



World Graffiti Urban Art (London) featuring new painting

World Graffiti Urban Art

The new painting “im lovin it” got featured by world graffiti urban art.

To see the article please click in here.

A website showing street art from all over the place.

They are based in London and there is plenty of other artists to be seen.

From stencil artworks and computer graphics to fresh illustrations and murals.

You can even join them on Facebook.Just follow this link (click here) and fan them.

Aloha from Bali