Surf Artist Bob Langston from Virginia Beach(USA)

Bob Langston

Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia.

He’s living together with is wife and  6 children in Virginia Beach

Bob is working as a professional artist since 1985,

and graduated in 1986 with a BFA in commercial art and design.

He’s offering a wide range of arts such as film, tv and web based

animation, to caricatures, illustration,t shirt design,fine art painting

and murals.

Bob also taught drawing, graphic design and animation at a

local college for 1.5 years.

more grapics in here

Currently he’s employed full time as a graphic designer.

His freelance business includes custom surfboard painting,

creating murals for various residential and business clients,

studio caricatures, and caricatures for parties and special events.

Mural Artwork "Fantasy Beach" by Bob Langston

for more details click here.

As he’s doing surf arts, of course he loves to surf and is into a wide range of music,

from 60’s-70’s psychedelic rock, Garage punk, folk, Jazz and Classical.

Surfboard designs by Bob Langston

His surfboard graphics(done with markers) are can check them out in here.

He’s an all around talent and open minded artist who enjoys life.

In his artworks you can see his pure dedication to happy surfing life.

How to get in touch with Bob?



facebook:  The BobZone: Groovy Art


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